Stack 'Em High

I have always loved to design and make bracelets.  Bracelets call attention to themselves in a way no other jewelry does because they are always moving.

Moving hands and arms enhance the beauty of bracelets, especially bangles. 

I designed my bangles so that the beauty of Barbara Cieslicki bangles is enhanced by stacking them.  This provides a dynamic way to take advantage of the beauty of my bangles.

Beautifully glimmering flashes of light from the crystals, rich contrasts provided by the rhodium, hematite and gold finishes, complex designs created by multiple bracelets, and the gentle bangle movement and sound all create a gorgeous, fun effect.

Although style, number and color selections may seem overwhelming, Barbara Cieslicki bangles are so versatile that each one works really well with any of the others. 

Simple single or double stacks or taller stacks of three to six bangles all look great.  Monochromatic stacks are beauties too.

You can almost select bracelets randomly.  The look is always fun, special, and lush. 

With Barbara Cieslicki bangles the whole is always much more than the sum of the parts!