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Barbara Cieslicki Jewelry Video

November 02, 2017 by Barbara Cieslicki

A Girl with Great Style and Wit

There once was a girl with great style and wit

who wanted new jewelry with sparkle that fit

her lifestyle and budget and desire not to be

a cookie cutter girl at her next party

(or lunch or meeting or walk in the park).


Then one day she found it, perfection at last.

Daring but dainty, she knew it was class--

Lucite that glowed with a light from within,

accents of gold, crystals, and mesh trim.


It fit her budget and was made up the way.

And the best part of this story, the best part of all,

she found wearing her perfect accessory to be a ball.

November 02, 2017 by Barbara Cieslicki

We Love Jewelry!


We Love Jewelry! 

We love it when we see people wearing our jewels!

We love that people wear our jewelry to the grocery store and do not feel over-dressed      and then wear it later for an evening out and don’t feel under-dressed.

We love wearing our jewelry because it is so incredibly comfortable that we forget we’re wearing it.

We love being reminded that we’re wearing our jewelry when we receive the inevitable compliments.

We love traveling with our jewelry because if we lose a piece, we've lost a treasured adornment--not a major financial investment.

We love wearing our jewelry because it makes us look good.

We love wearing our jewelry because we don’t see ourselves coming and going.

And, we love that even though we live with all of our jewelry all of the time, we always find it fresh and appealing.

We know you’ll love our jewelry as much as we do!

November 02, 2017 by Barbara Cieslicki

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